Must know about Top 10 motivational movies bollywood for students

Hello friends, welcome in my new article, in which we will know about the best motivational movies bollywood for students, although every person likes to watch movies, some people watch movies for entertainment, some watch movies for time pass, but watching movies also gives us a lesson. .

Some films are such that they inspire us, seeing which we get positive energy. In this article, we will know about such Top 10 Indian motivational movies which inspire us, watching them we get a good lesson.

10. Udaan

Udaan movie emotional scene

This film is the story of coming out of captivity and flying towards his dreams. It depicts the father-son relationship in a different way where the father is against his son’s dreams while his step-brother supports him. The boy dreams of becoming a writer while his father wants to become an engineer.

He also gets beaten up for not obeying his father. There are many such situations when both are against each other and in the end, the boy leaves the house for his dreams and runs away with his half-brother and becomes independent and pursues his dreams. Takes off per flight.

9. Iqbal

Iqbal movie trailer

This film is the story of a poor farmer’s son who remains deaf and dumb, yet his passion for cricket does not diminish. When he is physically unfit, everyone taunts him and makes fun of him, but still he does not give up and his craze towards becoming a cricketer does not diminish. The movie has a song “Aashayein dil ki” which gives positive energy when heard. If you haven’t seen this movie then definitely watch it.

8. Lagaan

lagaan movie trailer

This film, made in 2001 by director Ashutosh Gowariker, is based on the tax levied by the British government called Lagaan. It is shown in this film how the villagers together complete the challenge given by the British and win. The film depicts the spirit and unity of the villagers who play cricket and win and also give answers to the British.

7. Bhag Milkha Bhag

Bhag milkha bhag movie trailer

The 2013 film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra depicts the story of sprinter Milkha Singh which is nothing less than an inspiration. After being thrown out of the house by his brother-in-law, Milkha Singh works hard, working day and night to join the army. His struggle to join the army and become a successful runner is shown in this movie.

6. Manjhi – The mountain man

The more times you watch this movie, the more you will be inspired. The film is set on the story of a villager from Bihar named Dashrath Manjhi. In this, the passion and hard work of that person has been shown that how he breaks the mountain and makes a way which has become an example in itself.

By watching this film, we learn that nothing is impossible, just have the courage and determination to do it. There is a famous dialogue in this movie “Jab Tak Todenge Nahi, Tab Tak Chhote Nahi Nahi”.

5. Chak De India

Chak de India movie trailer

The film tells the story of a man named Kabir Khan who lives in the Indian hockey team. He is called a traitor because of his not being able to score a goal in the India-Pakistan match, and being a Muslim, he has to face many difficulties, but he does not give up and later becomes the coach of the Indian women’s hockey team.

Guides and helps the team in the World Cup and converts the word anti-national against him into patriotism. The famous song of this movie is – “Chak De India“

4. I am Kalaam

I am kalaam movie song

The film narrates the story of Chhotu, a boy from a small village in Rajasthan who, being poor, works in a hotel outside due to the financial condition of his family. One day the President of India Dr. A P J sees Abdul Kalam on TV and the desire to be like him awakens in his mind and he also takes his name as Kalam.

Despite his mother’s refusal that we do not have the status to be like him, he still does not listen and continues the struggle. You will know the further story after watching the film.

3. Nil Battey Sannata

Nil Battey sannata movie trailer

In this film, the story of a mother-daughter of a poor household has been shown, in which the mother works at people’s homes and wants her daughter to be educated so that she does not have to work in people’s homes like her own mother.

The daughter studies and writes but repeatedly deviates from her dream and then thinks that she should also cooperate with her mother, but her mother every time instills in her a passion for her dream and encourages her to fulfill her dream. The mother-daughter relationship is well depicted in this film.

2. Taare Zameen Par

Taare zameen par movie trailer

In this film, Ishaan Awasthi, a small child of seven years, has been shown and what kind of attitude parents should adopt with their children. In this, Ishaan’s parents put more pressure on their son than expected, due to which he becomes mentally weak, but with the help of his teacher, he is able to feel good. The jugalbandi between parents, child and guru has been shown in this film.

1. 3idiots

3idiot movie best scene

Based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel, the film emphasizes on being capable before being successful, because being capable automatically brings success. It has also been shown in this film that we should choose our career according to our interest and not under the pressure of family members or others.

It has also been shown in this film that instead of rote learning, a student should emphasize on understanding how to study. You will get to learn a lot from this movie and also shows engineering life very well.

List of motivational movies bollywood for students

Movie rankMovie nameDirectorRelease date
13idiotRajkumar Hirani25 dec 2009
2Taare zameen parAamir khan, Amole Gupte21 Dec 2007
3Nil Battey SannataAshwiny Iyer Tiwari22 April 2016
4I am KalaamNila Madhab panda5 Aug 2011
5Chak De IndiaShimit Amin 10 Aug 2007
6Manjhi Ketan mehta21 Aug 2015
7Bhag Milkha bhagRaykesh Omprakash mehra11 july 2013
8Lagaanashutosh Gowarikar15 june 2001
9IqbalNagesh kukunoor26 Aug 2005
10Udaanvikramaditya motwane16 july 2010

Conclusion – In this article, you have come to know about Top 10 best motivational movies bollywood for students which are such films that after watching you will be filled with enthusiasm. Apart from these movies, you can also watch some other inspirational movies like Rang De Basanti, Zindagi na milegi dobara, super 30, slumdog millionaire etc.

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